Friday, May 13, 2011

More Fun at the Drug Store

Not that any of you are particularly interested in my menstrual habits, but today's funny stems from a recent trip to drug store to purchase some monthly supplies.

The feminine hygiene aisle is clearly marked at this particular store, providing opportunity for any meandering, male customers to avoid it if they so desire. I know that this is kind of a sexist comment, but after long ago listening to a tirade from an ex-boyfriend who was opposed to the advertising of 'girly' products during the hockey game, I have just assumed that guys would rather avoid the subject.

While I stood there before a wall of promised, superior absorbency, I noticed that there were several brands on sale, none of those being my usual. This disrupted my intended quick purchase as I hesitated to deliberate a possible switch of such a personal item, one that I had been using since the day that my mom bought me my first box back in grade eight.

As I pondered, an elderly man came walking towards me, complaining about how impossible it was to find anything in this place. He stopped right next to me and stared at the same packages that I was staring at. Feeling embarrassed for him, I joked, "Well whatever you're looking for, it's probably not in this section! Ha.... Ha...". He walked away, leaving me to my thoughts about brand loyalty vs. saving a whole dollar.

Maybe a minute later, yes I was still standing there, the elderly man returned. 'Awkward', I thought, dreading his approach, already thinking about diffusing any further embarrassment. This time, he didn't stop. He just walked by me muttering something about diapers.

You know what, Buddy? You're on your own!


Barrie said...

Ha! And....did you switch brands? ;) Thanks for stopping by. Maybe one of these days I'll be in TO and we'll meet. ;)

petite gourmand said...

hey long time no blog- I miss my daily chuckles....
hope all is swell