Monday, February 09, 2009

Room by the Hour?

We had date-night yesterday.  Both of us were very tired.  A cold swept through my house last week, and I was/am still in the thick of it.  A stomach bug also swept through, but for some reason I was the only one to get sick.  I think I may have felt normal for one day out of seven.  Despite feeling so bad, we were also bored.  Having kids the age of ours makes for a boring week-end most of the time.  The baby more or less grounds us as there is too much necessary gear to tote around if we were to attempt to go somewhere with her, not that we really have anywhere to go.  Pumpkin is good to go places, but winter is tough for ideas that the whole family can enjoy.  We had a playdate with my friend and her son, which was the excitement of our week-end.  So yes, we were zonked, but bored enough to go out.  As we were driving to the theatre, we passed by the street that leads us to hubby's dad's place.  Hubby suggested that we go there instead and just have a three hour nap.  I'm not sure why I didn't jump at that.  Yes, dinner and movie was nice, but I think I could start a new trend with the nap idea.  I think if it had been earlier on in the day, I would have opted for it.  

So how about Grace in Small Things?  I feel like I could use a dose:
1.  Chichi's first tooth
2.  Deer that keep running past my back fence
3.  The Scottie dogs in the movie, Coraline.
4.  Refrigerators with French doors
5.  Hair styling products

For the above, I am grateful.


Chantal said...

OHHH i want #4!
I had my brother and his girlfriend over for dinner last night and it was almost embarrassing how boring our life is. Really, I don't usually notice it until we have other non-parents over. Maybe be good birth control for them though :)

Anonymous said...

Napping is good...

This winter has been full of sickness...I am coughing up a storm here. Not fun.

Hopefully we will be germ free and can hang out finally!

kgirl said...

When you say a refrigerator with french doors, do you mean that they are see-through?

The Mom Bomb, a/k/a Folksy Mama said...

Hang in there, girlfriend. I'm getting over bronchitis myself. This time of year blows.

The Scholastic Decoder said...

Date night? that's more exciting than our last couple of weekends, when we've been too sick to do anything more than hang aorund. The next couple of weekends are birthday party central on the 4-5 year old circuit, though, so at last we'll have that...