Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Got Nothin'

I know I'm due for a post.  I just can't get one going.  All I've got are some random updates:

Last week at Pumpkin's school holiday concert, the mother of a boy who is in love with Pumpkin approached me and laughed about the fact that her son plans to go to synagogue with Pumpkin on Saturdays.  Pumpkin apparently made me look good by telling the boy that this is what we do on Saturdays.  Uhhhhmmmm, we don't do this.  Ever.  She LIED!  To impress a boy?

Chichi is eating cereal now, and can sit up for several minutes at a time.  As per the last developmental update on her, I know this is only interesting to my parents, but I do want to have some written record of when she started doing things.  I wasn't a blogger during Pumpkin's baby stage, leaving me with only my memory for such info.  I think she sat up at two months and started walking at five months.  Sound about right?

I was formulating a post in my head about Hanukkah vs. Christmas, and how they should never be compared seeing as Christmas will always win out due to the month-long build-up, whimsical characters, ambient lights, etc., but I'm actually thinking of retracting those thoughts.  I guess they're still true to me, but I don't feel all jaded and disgruntled enough to write a rant about it.  Hanukkah has actually been fun this year.  We had a family party which was ok, but the kids really enjoyed it, which made it a success.  We've been lighting the menorah, singing songs, and giving Pumpkin a present every night, which has her anticipating her nightly Hanukkah event with excitement.  Tonight was a bit of an exception because she woke up grumpy from a nap, told me that she didn't like her gift, and gave it back to me.  On the upside, I can still re-gift it tomorrow, being the eighth night.  I also find the pace of Hanukkah gift-giving to be better than a bombardment of presents all at once.  Thinking back to her last birthday party, Pumpkin wasn't able to enjoy all her gifts, and didn't play with some of them until months later.  One per night seems to work, even if I am stuck with a box of rejected finger puppets.

Remember the promise of mermaid barbie dolls in exchange for successful potty training?  Doesn't work.  Save your money.  I've gone through three princess, two Disney videos, and promises of everything and everything, but I'm still up to my elbows in crap.  Hating life a little for a few minutes a day.  

Last year's new year's resolution was to shred my papers.  Never did it.  Don't even care. 

As you can tell, I've got nothin'.  If I don't come up with anything new this week, Happy New Year!  See you in 2009....


fzaltz said...

Just wanted to note, lest your readers become misinformed, that the practice of giving hanukkah gifts for 8 nights is a recent addition by some families due to the influence of Christmas. Traditionally hanukkah didn't involve gifts at all (and still doesn't for many), aside from a little gelt (coins) to play dreidl...

Mac and Cheese said...

Yeah, but we like our stuff.

Barrie said...

Even your nothing is fun and interesting! I do think the Hanukkah gift-a-night is better than a bunch at once on Christmas morning.

I think Pumpkin is extremely advanced for her age. At this rate, she'll move past lying to impress a boy by the time she's five! I'm sure this is due to superior parenting. ;)

I'm definitely probably keeping my New Year's resolutions in 2009.

Bye. Back to working on my blog post!

motherbumper said...

Barbie in exchange for poop in the potty isn't working for us either - BIG SIGH. I'm going to hire a poop doula.

crazymumma said...

Try nice undies. With something she likes on them.

good luck.

one day she will just do it.

Anonymous said...

Undies worked for us!

I don't know how recent the gift-a-night Hanukkah tradition is, but I did receive that treatment as a kid and well, I'm old. :) It did get us to keep our minds off Christmas.

Happy New Years to you too!

Barrie said...

Happy New Year! And you really gave up ketchup chips? That's a toughie!!

petite gourmand said...

I'll take Chanukah over Christmas any-day

We used a sticker chart for potty training and it worked really well.
good luck with that.

and happy new year!

kittenpie said...

She probably lied to impress the mother of the boy, knowing that is what good jewish girls do - go to synagogue, I mean.

and isn't Hannukah a rather minor holiday anyhow? So how does a major holiday stack up? Probably better, right? You do have way mroe holidays, too, so there's that.