Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mermaids and Wiggles

Blogging, to me, is becoming a bit like cooking. It's not that I dislike blogging the same way that I dislike cooking, but if I am going to cook, I want the meal to be fabulous. Making something fabulous, however, takes more effort than I have time and energy for, thus I don't cook as often as I should. My family does expect to be fed at some point though, which means I will eventually heat up a frozen pizza or barbecue pre-packaged meat-on-a-stick, and serve it up. I guess I'm trying to say that this post is the equivalent of pre-packaged meat-on-a-stick. Better than nothing?

This week I learned that duct taping a mermaid to the washroom wall is not enough incentive to get Pumpkin to do #2 in the toilet.

Even though she knows that the reward is to actually get to play with said mermaid, she will leave the washroom to go crap in her pants in private, then return to the washroom to talk about the mermaid. I do, however, enjoy the opportunity to showcase my '80s wallpaper, that I'm sure will come back in style if I leave it up there long enough.

Friday, Pumpkin went to the Wiggles concert with her Daddy and Grandma. I happily stayed home, missing the chance to see the joy on Pumpkin's face, but also possibly avoiding puking on the shoes of the people around me. The Wiggles have made me ill before, and I'm sure that they wouldn't hesitate to do it again. I also knew that there wasn't a guarantee that Pumpkin would love the concert. Her responses to many gifts and events have so far been somewhat underwhelming, so it was possible that I wasn't going to miss much. It turns out that she enjoyed the concert well enough, but the only thing that she wanted to tell me about when she came home was that the train was broken and that she needed a better one. I'm glad that her first time on public transit left such an impact!

That's my life this week. All potty and play, all the time. Woohoo!


motherbumper said...

Tell me if that duct taped mermaid works because we are the EXACT same point right now - except ours is regular barbie and not some fancy schmancy coordinates with the Miami Vice background mermaid barbie.

Chantal said...

I am with you. I don't have the energy either, and the result of that is my latest post. Voila!!!

PS, And I dont even have an infant as an excuse, so I SUCK :)

No Mother Earth said...

We saw the Wiggles on Saturday, and although I am not usually a fan, they really impressed me. I'm reviewing it for Playdate tomorrow.

Blog Antagonist said...

EXCELLENT analogy with the blogging and the cooking. Really explains why my posting has slowed dramatically.

Also good to know someone else loathes cooking as much as I do.

Lisa b said...

I am holding barbie hostage too.
it ain't making anyone sleep around here.

lets come up with some new ideas.

Barrie said...

"All potty and play, all the time." Right there, this post is not like pre-pkged meat on a stick! Good luck with the potty training. So so glad to be done with that phase.