Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby Milestone

Today, Chichi rolled over for the first time! I can't see the majority of my readers finding this remotely interesting, but I wanted it documented somewhere, and I'm sure the odd family member who reads this might want to know. So there it is. Actually, the first thing I thought was, "Great, now learn to sit up so you can get crawling". I should smack myself for thinking such a thing as the next thing I know, she'll be three, kicking me out of her room, contradicting EVERYTHING that I say, and asking me to buy her every toy in existence. I'll be longing for the the simpler times where rolling over was the extent of her independence.

Hey, remember that family room renovation that was to be completed before Chichi was born? Although everyone stopped rushing once they missed that deadline, and although Chichi is almost ready to start college, this Friday will be the big day. Yes, the flooring guys will be coming in to put on the final coat of varnish, and then we will be able to move our furniture in! All the finishing touches will come later, but you have to understand that I did not feel motivated to buy end tables and art work seeing as we already had to pay over a year's worth of storage fees for the stuff that we actually did order. The physical construction took six months, but the plans were drawn up OVER TWO YEARS AGO! Longest one-room reno in history. Pictures coming soon!


Chantal said...

Looking forward to seeing the photos, and YAY Chichi!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the pics! Good for Chichi, be careful what you wish for though ;) like you said pretty soon she'll be running all over the place!

kgirl said...

congrats on your two milestones for this week! which feels like the bigger accomplishment ;)

and yeah - don't be rushing the mobility thing. if you think you're tired now, just wait until the day when you turn around and realize that the baby is not where you put her. oy.

motherbumper said...

DON'T RUSH THE CRAWLING because after that comes walking, then running, then... well you know the drill ;)

Barrie said...

Way to go, Chichi! Was it back-to-front or front-to-back? Inquiring minds want to know!! And huge congrats on nearing the end of the room reno.

crazymumma said...

Gawd I want a reno in my life. The bathroom specicically.

Now is actually an awesome time to buy art. There are so many artist collectives and groups selling work.

Everyone wants money!

Check out The Red Head, they have a yearly sale. And Open Studio for prints.

gah. I could hook you up with a kazillion artists and you could buy privately.

No Mother Earth said...

Yay baby! I love news like this. I think there should be more news like this in the blogosphere. (But then, I can't seem to write thinky posts for the life of me..)

And yeah - what Kgirl said. I used to be able to shower (quickly) in relative peace, and now it's a stressful circus act.

petite gourmand said...

Ah yes, I miss the simple times before gulp...the age of three descended upon us.

congrats to chichi.