Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kids are Icky

This past week, Pumpkin:
  • Peed on the new couch
  • Peed in several pairs of underwear
  • Pooed in several pairs of underwear
  • Smeared her lunch all over the counter, then licked it up
  • Chewed her hair, her sleeve, her jacket zipper, her blanket...
  • Stuck a finger in each of her nostrils at the same time
  • After doing the double nose pick, she grabbed a food storage container that I was using
  • Ate sand
  • Made spit bubbles and let them dribble all over the house
She's really gross!


motherbumper said...

Gigi eats sand too (and does pretty much everything on this list too - except we haven't had a peed couch incident in a while - dang, I just cursed myself, didn't I?).

Three year olds are gross.

kittenpie said...

The good news is the pee/poo sitch improves. The bad news is some of the othe stuff doesn't, and it REALLY SHOULD!

An anything but quiet life... said...

Sometimes, childrens' behaviour leaves a lot to be desired! Just wait till they both act like that!!!

Chantal said...

LOL they don't talk about this stuff at prenatal class do they!

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

The toilet issues do get better. The rest? Not so sure. They are icky, aren't they?!

nomotherearth said...

Hey, I say poo in the underwear is a step in the right direction. The Boy will only go in a diaper right now. Boo.

kgirl said...

...and let's not forget the glamorous life of a mother, who gets to clean all these things up.