Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Ok, Pumpkin is at camp, baby is asleep, so here I am, having an unheard of second cup of coffee, attempting to sneak a post in before you all quit popping in. You may still quit after realizing that this post is about potty training, but I could use your wisdom. We have managed to get Pumpkin 90% toilet trained in terms of "#1", but have no luck at all with "#2". A lot of the time she asks to have a diaper put on her so she can do her "business", but sometimes she just does it in her underwear and just yells at us to change her. Bribery does not seem to work. What did y'all do when it came to your own kids?

Wow, was that ever a lame post! Let me make it up to you with a picture of the babe, 'cause I imagine that you would rather look at her than listen to me yammer on about stuff anyways.

The hair is still hangin' in.


Mamalooper said...

We are just going through potty training and #2 did take a bit more persuasion. And we had the poops in the panties too. As an aside, those pull-ups were no help and actually prolonged the process!

We "encouraged" (bribed) the girl by giving her one M&M in the colour of her choice for #1 and 2 for #2. We also bribed her with princess panties from Wal-Mart as well as purple ones (her fave colour). She wanted to keep the panties "clean" so that motivated her to use the potty too.

The thing that tipped us over the top was a book called "Everyone Poops" (came in a couple of days from Amazon). Other than that I really believe it's when they are ready - you can encourage but there you go.

motherbumper said...

Sorry - we are the EXACT same spot (the request for a diaper to do the business etc) though numero uno is nailed. Big Sigh. If I figure anything out I'll drop you a line.

BTW - Gigi is wondering what the blog handle is for the new bambino?

nomotherearth said...

No help, I'm afraid. The Boy doesn't even request a diaper, he just waits until he's wearing one at night and goes. Fun.

I may just get that book that was suggested.

And wowsa - look at that hair! I love it.

kittenpie said...

I LOVE the hair! That is great.

As to the #2, well, we bought Dora undies, which Pumpkinpie wanted to keep clean, but we also had times when we just sat together in the bathroom while she tried, emphasizing that there was "no rush." Poop and take time, and sometimes they don't want to give it the chance. It helps if she's got a regular time of day, of course. Otherwise, um, prunes, maybe?

b*babbler said...

Heavy on the blueberries - light on the bananas.

(And that hair! Can she lend some to Peanut?)