Monday, August 16, 2010

Where I Boast About My Husband's Body

My husband, let's call him J, is a work-out fanatic. He sees a personal trainer twice a week for weight training, and does an hour of cardio in our basement four or five times a week. Periodically while I'm on my way up the stairs to get ready for bed after 10 pm, I pass him on his way down to the 'room of pain' in the basement. I respect this, but I sure as hell can't understand it.

When I ask him why he feels that he needs to work out so much, he usually mentions stress relief, but mostly it's the desire to not let himself go. That sounds admirable to me, but in the spirit of not being the only one sitting on the couch eating a bag of chips, I often suggest that he chill out a bit on his exercise regime.

My desire to curb his time spent working out is motivated by my own guilt for working out on a more sporadic schedule (read: NEVER!), and I'm quite certain that cutting back would also save him all the time he spends in physiotherapy. He isn't responsive to my attempts, and just sets his sights on getting down to his 'fish & chips' weight. That's the weight he feels he has to obtain in order to indulge in his favourite, junky meal.

You know what I find funny about all this? The only people who seem to notice that he's been working out regularly are men. I've heard my dad, my brother, and my friend's husband all remarking on the good shape that J is in. I never hear any comments from the women in our circle.

So J, is this the kind of attention that you wanted? Come watch some reruns with me while we discuss it over a bag of chips.


1001 Petals said...

I am totally envious. Maybe the women don't want to say anything cause it feels inappropriate. When I went on our beach holiday this year I noticed almost every single guy was out of shape -- maybe 1 out of 40 were in alright shape and not flabby. So your husband is an exception. The best part? He probably won't die young and you probably won't have to play nurse to him for the last 20-30 yrs of his life.

lacochran's evil twin said...

The last commentary beat me to it... how would you feel if other women commented on your husband's physique?

Why not find something physical you can do together?

Besides the obvious.

Chantal said...

My DH has become addicted to working out as well. He goes to a gym 3 to 4 times a week often for 2 hours at a time. And he has lost 30 freaking pounds and looks awesome. Now if only I had time to do that. Maybe when I go back to work I will return to lunch hour work outs... but probably not :)

petite gourmand said...

you are one lucky lady!
I am the one constantly leaving (not so) subtle reminders for big daddy to work-out more often.
Like for example:

leaving gym bag on his pillow at night
putting his running shoes next to the refrigerator
getting him a subscription to Men's Health magazine
making constant reference to Ryan Reynolds and what great shape he's in.
Mistakenly calling him Ryan at not so appropriate times...kidding...

Actually I don't do any of that, but I do try to remind him how awesome it feels to work-out.
at least for me.
then again, I do love my chips.

hmm chip- cardio
chips- cardio...

Barrie said...

I loved the "fish and chips weight"!!

Mary G said...

So true. My husband is just like yours. And very, very 'holier than thou' about it, too. Some day I may be arrested for bopping him with one of his own handweights.