Monday, June 07, 2010

She Just Needs to Master the Hair Flip

I have curly hair. Up until about 7 years ago, I was quite resentful of it. Throughout high school and years after, I did my best to straighten it, or tie it back, or braid it, or imprison it in a banana clip, but I can't say that I ever liked it. In my late 20s, the curls and I made peace. I figured out how to work them to my advantage, and now I have strangers approaching me on the street, asking me how to obtain the same curl definition. I'm so proud.

My mom, on the other hand, hates her curly hair and has always had her hair done by professional stylists. Every week, her hair is straightened and set, such that most people are unaware of the pent up curls hiding within her perfectly styled coif. This has presented her with the problem of avoiding humidity, sweat, rain, wind, sneezing, spicy food..., you get the picture. It now appears though that there is finally a method for dealing with this affliction.

There is a keratin treatment that is all the rage, which is more or less a reverse perm, that truly keeps hair straight for 3-6 months. It may not leave hair looking like Jennifer Aniston's, but apparently any remaining curl will only manifest itself in the form of smooth waves, and not some Brillo pad that has scoured one pot too many. Oh the 80's were painful for me!

So back to my mom, she decided to bite the bullet and cough up the bazillion dollars required for such a treatment, hoping that she can go out for a walk this summer without coming home looking like Roseanne Rosannadana. There is really just one catch, unless you consider the bazillion dollar fee a catch.

Once the hair is treated, it must be ironed flat against one's head, not to be styled, covered, washed, or touched for three days. Consequently, my mom now reminds of a segment that I recently saw on The Tonight Show titled, 'Too Old for Bieber Hair!'

I've gotta tell you, I'm having so much fun with this! Every time she walks into the room, I point and shout, "Bieber hair!!!", while laughing maniacally, as mom raises an eyebrow at me in annoyance. It's totally been the highlight of my day!


Gabriella said...

I know someone who had it done too...I would love to but don't have the money...soooo tell me what products do you use on your hair because I love your curls!

Suzanne said...

I've also made peace with my curls, although I would also love to be able to temporarily straighten my hair myself with just a blow dryer like my hair stylist does. When I've tried it, the result is definitely Brillo pad past its prime.

Your mom looks terrific!

Anonymous said...

Bieber-shmeiber... your mom looks hip! I don't fight my curls either. It's not a battle I could ever win. Besides, being referred to as 'that curly-haired girl' is preferred to other monikers (i.e. 'that girl who looks like she hasn't slept in two weeks')

Anonymous said...

Awesome - do I get to see this in person on Sunday?

Chantal said...

LOL your poor mom. I am sure (since it is now the 12th) that she has washed her hair. I hope it has worked out as she hopped it would (since it cost so much).