Saturday, May 15, 2010

And You Thought it was Important Just to Wear a Clean Pair!

Friday, Pumpkin surprised me by being fully dressed when she woke me up for the day. Usually I need to make a few wardrobe modifications for her when she does this, but yesterday she looked pretty cute. She had on a peach skirt with white capris tights, and a colourful, sparkly t-shirt with a peace sign on it. The ensemble had a 'material girl' quality to it, and was weather-appropriate, so I didn't make her change.

Yesterday, Pumpkin had a washroom 'accident' at school, which is very rare. It's just a little unfortunate for me that this happened on a day when Pumpkin dressed herself. The teacher had to help Pumpkin change into her spare clothes. If I wasn't concerned before about being judged by the way I dressed Pumpkin for school, I certainly became concerned about being judged for having sent Pumpkin to school that day without any underwear!

Maybe next time I'll do a spot check.


lacochran said...

She didn't want to be a victim of VPL (Visible Panty Line). Style!

petite gourmand said...

awe poor little thing.

Good for her for being able to get dressed by herself though.
now all you have to do is teach her to make the coffee & cereal and you are all set..

Anonymous said...

She's following your example of environmental responsibility. No underwear = less laundry = energy and water preservation. Something for us all to consider ;)

By the way, your last post was almost two weeks ago. Step it up, lady! I'm suffering Pumpkin & Chichi withdrawal!!