Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Logical Deduction

I have recently been marveling over how my pig-dog, Taz, hasn't stolen any food off of the counter tops lately. The stealing had been an ongoing problem with him that forced us to elevate all food products, including the compost bin, to heights over five feet. We occasionally, absentmindedly have put down our food at a lower height in order to assist a child with something, only to come back to an empty plate, leaving us wondering if we actually ate the food and just didn't remember. This sort of thing seemed to have stopped recently, and I attributed it to our training efforts.

A couple of weeks ago, we had Taz at the vet's to discuss how there seemed to be a lot of strain on his back legs. The vet found nothing wrong, but suggested glucosamine for arthritis. We gave it a whirl. Since then, we have managed to lose a plate of chicken nuggets, several bowls of cereal, at least one waffle, and a pot of rice.

It would seem that glucosamine causes dogs to disregard prior training, and cause them to gain weight. How's that for a scientific study?


lacochran said...

:) Healthy dogs are happy waffle-eating dogs.

Anonymous said...

At least now you know that physical debilitation can solve your problems, not that I recommend it of course; :)

(Too mean?) :)

DS in BC

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Taz... Nothing gets him down. There is no counter too high, nor no lid too tight to stop him. His relentless pursuit of gratification inspires me, I must say...