Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Head in the Sand

Many of you are starting to bore me. It's not your content per se, but your lack of content. Most of the mainstay blogs that I read aren't publishing a heck of a lot these days. Even worse, very few are commenting on my half-assed efforts to stay afloat in the blogasphere. It's that immediate validation of my work that keeps me motivated to write more, I must confess. This has led me to stray, and explore new avenues. The problem is, I'm an escapist. As an escapist, I avoid bad news to the best of my ability. I scan the headlines for stories that won't send my brain screaming into an abyss of depression, and weed out the ones that will. That's probably irresponsible on some level, but it's how I cope. It's how I keep my spirits high. It's how I manage to be somewhat of a fun parent to my kids. Blindly searching out new blogs does not give me a chance to avoid the terrible stories, as I don't know that I'm embarking on one until I'm already knee-deep in it. The people who post these stories are in their right to do so. I actually believe that it is important to share with others in the same boat who may benefit from knowing that there are people who understand. I believe it is therapeutic for the author's themselves to spill their guts and face their own traumas and experiences. I don't know if I'm suppressing issues deep from within myself, or if I'm just cold hearted, but within ten minutes, I managed to read about rape, domestic violence, and a dead child, and now am either ready to start drinking or seek out a life coach. Is it wrong that I run instead of reflect? I want to be an empathetic person, and I believe that I am on some levels, but I often wonder, for the most part, if I'm just being an asshole.


No Mother Earth said...

I'm always looking for funny blogs. I don't think it's because I'm shallow. (But if I was shallow, would I know it? Hm.)

And now I'm off to drink.


Well, maybe I'll wait till the kids are in bed.

kgirl said...

Yup, sometimes I hate what I find.

petite gourmand said...

I'm glad you wrote this- I've been feeling the same these days.
It seems as though every blog I end up reading is so negative or well...kind of boring.
(mine included I'm sure)
I love funny, light hearted and simple blogs.
Okay a bit of bitching from time to time is completely acceptable too.

Speaking of which have you read this post?

Anonymous said...

<< I actually believe that it is important to share with others in the same boat who may benefit from knowing that there are people who understand. I believe it is therapeutic for the author's themselves to spill their guts and face their own traumas and experiences. >>

Mega-ditto!!...truer words were never spoken (if you won't mind an old cliche')..

Chantal said...

don't worry I know my blog is boring :) it has been for a while now. But that is okay. I find the same thing happening with my main stay blogs. Most of them are offline now. I don't think you are being an asshole for wanting light content. Most of the blogs I read are light content. I don't like to be depressed either.

No Mother Earth said...

Oh, and I meant to say that I've always found a widespread blogging malaise over the summer - especially during the BlogHer weekend (when all you seem to encounter are posts about people at the conference and links to those they've met.)

And I find that a lot of people are on Twitter and Facebook more than their blogs lately.

Capital Mom said...

Sometimes I bore myself, but I usually post anyway. If only because I know I will get a phone call from my dad complaining about how he hasn't read any cute stories about the kids in a few days.
If you want to read something light I really enjoyed writing about asking my daughter not to lick her toes. That was fun.

Mary G said...

What No Mo said. Both times. Plus, what I look for and stay with are blogs that have a distinctive voice. And yes, really, I am off the Serious Issue blogs as fast as I can click the mouse. Reading about it in the papers is hard enough.
I like what you write. It is gritty and authentic and fun.

b*babbler said...

I am SO late in commenting on this, but I know exactly what you mean, on every point. Lots of disturbing writing out there these days, and it's easy to be become bogged down by the bad stuff.

And I'm another one who hasn't written much, although lately most of my posts are book posts. One of these days I'll start writing about Peanut again! :)

kittenpie said...

Guilty. I've been too damn busy and with no hands free this past year home with The Bun, but now he's in daycare and I'm back at work, so I'm attempting to catch up and get back in the saddle! So, um, welcome back, me!

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