Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Two unpatriotic women from the Toronto area who would like to join me and 42 other women on a bus trip to Buffalo. We leave this Friday at 5 pm and will not return until late Sunday evening. The cost is $140 for hotel and transportation, and we are bunking 4 to a room. There are two spots left, so if you are not a psychopathic killer who will rip our hearts out and eat them just for pleasure, let me know if you are interested.


No Mother Earth said...

Sounds like mucho fun, but I have a race to run. Have a good time.

kgirl said...

I was in Buffalo two weeks ago! Probably not for the same reason.

The Mom Bomb said...

Just checking in . . . but seeing as you haven't posted for awhile, I sincerely hope you weren't killed by a psychopath who ripped your heart out and ate it just for pleasure.

Happy bloggy break!