Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You'll Be Sorry You Came By

Apparently, I'm being neglectful. My mom just called and gave me crap for not posting anything here for five days. She made this discovery after repairing her own Internet connection, which is quite the feat for the former techno-phoebe. She ran her own diagnostic and everything! Yay mom! Anyhow, I haven't been posting because of laziness, and lack of material. All I have to offer you tonight are my random thoughts as I watch American Idol. So here we go:

I'm not sure if I have gas or if I am feeling the baby move. I did make vegetarian chili for dinner so...

I've started my quest to furnish my home now that my brother-in-law has taken all of his stuff back. The first order of business is the guest room, which does see a fair amount of activity. We figured that we'd put our current bed in that room, and buy ourselves the king-size version of the same bed for our room. That's the joy of the 'burbs - having room for a king-size bed. It turns out, the manufacturer of our bedroom set closed it's doors back in November, so now it's more of a quest than just shopping. So far I've found one bed in New York, but I'd rather not pay the shipping fees, especially since the thing was made in Quebec. If any of you are connected with Baronet furniture, please let me know.

I really hate that they plant terrible singers in these auditions. What the heck to the pre-screeners do?

We put our daughter to bed at 8:30 and she is still awake and making noise now, at 9:30. She does this every night. She is often awake until 10:30, not crying or anything, but just singing, or playing, or whatever it is that she does. The upside to this is that she sleeps in, and I mean a proper sleep-in. She doesn't get up until 9am. I'm not sure that this is entirely a good thing since we have programs and other things to get to in the morning, but the only way I can stop this cycle is to wake her up earlier, which sounds counter intuitive as well. Maybe I'll hold off until the baby is born, and then we can all wake up early together.

My daughter just got me up and made me change the batteries in her musical birdie thingy which she seems to need to fall asleep. She probably plays it at least 10-15 times a night. I love taking orders from her. "Mommy! Change batteries! Change them!!!!!" She is still screaming my name but I'm not going back up there. I've done my job.

Kalen Porter is my hair-idol. How does he get such nice curls?

Contestant Chris Watson is a hottie! Watch for him!

I think it was just gas, not the baby.

Pumpkin is still screaming my name, and it's 10pm. The show is over, and now I have to clean the house to prepare for the cleaning lady tomorrow. I hope you had a fun hour in my head.


Whirlwind said...

My mom does the same thing. I'll get a phone call or email saying "you haven't updated your blog lately".

Urban Daddy said...

It's tough when you get used to a certain bed-time, give or take a few minutes here and there - and then our kiddies surprise us and stay away playing, or delaying and we either ignore them figuring they'll do it every night or get annoyed (as I tend to do) because after a long day I look forward to relax-time... Yet all they want is to spend more time with us... Awww. Good on you to change the batteries. :)

Nora Bee said...

I can't read past "cleaning lady." So jealous!

nomotherearth said...

I hate the terrible auditions - don' waste my time. We PVR the show - the only way to watch it imho.