Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I have a cold and it is making me feel kind of blah, so in keeping with the class that I am taking, as well as the meme that I have read at various sites, I am going to list things that have made me happy lately:
  • Neo Citran (ok, that one was obvious)
    Spending each and every day with my daughter, even though she woke me up at 5 am today, screaming for macaroni
  • Meeting some very cool ladies on a beautiful Sunday morning, in support another very cool lady and her wonderful son.
  • Spending a few hours last Saturday, mountain biking through the woods with good friends, enjoying the changing leaves, and inhaling the autumn-ish smell in the air
  • Having an adult dinner/drinks with the same group of friends.
  • My husband - Just because I love him
  • Recent successful clothes shopping expeditions
  • Watching my daughter soak herself in a puddle of water and leaves yesterday, while she laughed and ran
  • The amazing weather we have been having
  • I just remembered that there is chocolate in the house !!!!!!!
  • The satisfaction of just having eaten chocolate ( a chocolate-coated, marshmallow broomstick, if you're curious)
  • My mother offering up so much of her time, freeing up so much of my time
  • The seemingly large moon last Friday night
  • The movie, Knocked Up
  • The fact that we rented Knocked Up for my mom to watch while she babysat the night before, then realizing the language that we subjected her to once we had a chance to watch it ourselves
  • The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow
  • My dad is coming for a visit this week-end
  • butternut squash & apple soup
  • Recent good hair days

Ok, I'm starting to scrape for things, so I'll leave it at that until this cold lifts.


Anonymous said...

A freshly made square for the book club tonight.

My book club.

Exercised this morning.

Loved Knocked Up.

My son is moving out.

Red pepper soup, mmmm.

kgirl said...

Yay! I love that people are making these lists. We watched Knocked Up on the weekend, and omg, we were howling. Chris wants to know if it's ok to say f-you hormones in real life. I admit, I can be a bit of an insane pregnant lady.
Hope you feel better soon.

kittenpie said...

I'd be happy about a lot of those, too. Right now, I'm happy when I can sit in the bathroom alone, too! Jeepers, I am such a whiner these days. I'll go away and whinge elsewhere now... and come back when I'm cheerier!

VICTORIA said...

I must agree, KNOCKED UP was by fare the funniest movie we have seen in, like, FOREVER!