Thursday, August 09, 2007

Time Well Wasted

I'm so glad I left my job so I could have the opportunity to do this in the middle of the day. I like the game that I stumbled onto at Mother Bumpers' and at Her Bad Mother's so I figured I'd join in instead of cleaning the kitchen, or brushing the dogs, or vacuuming up the crushed crackers and Cheerios out of my car, get the picture. Behold, the contents of my purse, bag, or whatever you want to call it:

1. Mac lipstic, Midimauve. I never wear it, and it isn't a good colour for me, but I keep it on hand for no reason whatsoever.
2. Two tampons. I don't need 'em today, but you never know...
3. Free dental floss from my last check-up. I forgot about it until now, but I suppose it's a good thing to carry around.
4. $30 in gift certificates for Sporting Life. I got them for my 30th birthday (I'll be 35 soon). I've even shopped there recently but forgot to use them.
5. Gift cards - I traded in aeroplan points for shopping money. Although I got way less value out of my points vs. airline tickets, I ain't goin' anywhere soon, so why not shop instead.
6. A Starbucks gift card with $1 on it. I suppose I'll be carrying that around until the end of time.
7. A Town Shoes club card. It was stamped 3 times in one shot last year, and nothing since. No expiry date though!
8. Lotto 649 and Super 7 lottery tickets. I've played the same numbers for the past 17 years.
9. Benadryl, in case you invite me over and have a cat, bunny, horse, or hampster.
10. Links removed from a bracelet, and from a watch. My wrists must be shrinking
11. Coupons for diapers. I'll probably forget to use them
12. Loose change
13. A free drink voucher from Starbucks, given to me to compensate for lousy service. I didn't even think the service was bad, but they insisted.
14. Cell phone
15. Hand cream
16. Wallet
17. Keys
18. An unfinished Sudoku puzzle that I started in the waiting room at the doctors office . It's not finished because I forgot about it, not because it's too hard. I swear.

If you happen to know what all this says about me, feel free to send over an analysis.


Her Bad Mother said...

I love that you have tampons, coupons and drink vouchers, and aren't afraid to show them. I think I'd like you ;)

ms blue said...

Hey at least you are always prepared even if you forget. It's all about best intentions. If your numbers come through, you'll have to show us your happy dance!

motherbumper said...

You've played the same lottery numbers for HOW LONG? You must be a winner by now (right? right?). First thought on examining your contents - you must have a bottomless purse. Second thought - you are a boy scout of purse holders ;)